CGI of the proposed development


What is Marick’s role?

Marick’s role and responsibilities as the developer includes, but is not limited to:

  • Securing planning consent in a conservation area location with a significant number of third party agreements to conclude,
  • Procuring the professional and advisory team including designers and specialists,
  • Overseeing the design and procurement of the entire development (including the constructor),
  • Leasing negotiation for the aparthotel,
  • Meeting stringent timelines for construction,
  • Quality management and monitoring
  • Sourcing funding and managing cashflow
What is the relationship between Marick Management Limited and Cambridge City Council?

In competition, Marick was selected by Cambridge City Council as the Developer to redevelop the Park Street multi-storey car park in the city centre. Marick and Cambridge City Council have worked very closely together since early 2019 in developing this scheme.

Marick and Gilbert Ash are working to build the new car park to the council’s specifications which were provided to Marick in 2019. Marick has been working with the Council in developing this design and the layouts.

The Council will retain the ownership of the car park site and will manage the public car park upon completion

What are the plans for the site?
  • Triple basement car park which remains in the ownership of the Council and management under the Car Park team;
  • Consists of 225 parking spaces including 16no. blue badge parking spaces, 270 cycle parking spaces (inc 18 oversize bikes), 20 motorcycle spaces, improved and enhanced security;
  • Publicly accessible courtyard linking Jordan Yard to Park Street; with ecological measures including bee hotel, planting and artwork;
  • Five storey 229 room premium (4*) Aparthotel (C1 use class), which includes a gym, lounge & café;
  • Staycity is confirmed as the Aparthotel operator. Upscale brand; Wilde.
  • Full Planning Consent was granted in December 2019, Section 73 consent was granted in November 2020 to remove gas from the scheme and add some other enhancements.
What is the project timeline?

When will the car park close?

The Car Park is now closed, as of midday on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

When will the car park reopen?

August 2024 is the tageted date for the early handover of the car park. The hotel will still be in construction and fit out above.


When will the project be completely finished?

March 2025 all works are targeted to be completed.

What are the benefits for the local community?

During the construction period the project team aims to engage with local organisations like the Primary School to educate them about construction.

It is intended for there to be an Archaeology open day on site to view any archaeology finds and to talk about the engineering involved in the scheme.

Upon completion there will be a new publicly accessible courtyard (including artwork and biodiverse planting and bee hotel), enhanced cycle parking facilities, electric charging in the car park and an overall much more attractive and aesthetically pleasing building which intends to complement its surroundings in the Conservation area. There will be updated pavement surrounding the site.

This image provides an illustration of all of the key ground floor, publicly accessible areas, and public artwork locations. When completed there will be a pleasant shortcut from Bridge Street to Park Street.

I have a problem, how do I report it?

Please get in touch if you have any questions, thoughts or comments.

T: 0800 298 7040

What days will you be working on site?

Working Times – Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00*/ Working Times – Saturday 08.00 to 13.00*/ No working on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

*There may be some works or activities outside of this periods but these will be subject to agreement with Cambridge City Council.

How are you monitoring the impact of site works on the environment and local community?

Environmental monitoring will be undertaken as well as mitigation as identified in the information in the below.

An acoustic and air quality risk assessment has been undertaken and included in the planning application and it has identified these sensitive receptor sites.

The red dots denote the Environmental Monitoring Point which will measure the air quality.

The areas for Noise Sensitive Receptors have been chosen to ensure that the impact on the nearest residential areas will be taken into account.

There will be a full range of mitigation measures to minimise the proposals, these will include the following:

  • Modern vehicles with low emissions ratings compliant with the latest legal directives
  • Active dust suppression across the site
  • Hoarding and monorflex sheeting to suppress acoustics and dust
  • Experienced operatives using methods and equipment to reduce the noise levels
  • Noisy working will not be constant through the day, with on and off periods to minimise noise for residents
  • Vibration monitoring will be installed on the site
  • Monitoring and complaints handling procedure on site

What other monitoring are you undertaking as part of the construction?

We will be conducting movement monitoring on adjacent buildings which will include the following:

  • Agree a system of monitoring
  • Agree access requirements and timings with neighbours
  • Installation of targets
  • Baseline readings
  • Trigger levels set out in Award Docs
  • Reporting method – who receives
  • Ensure targets remain clear

Frequency of readings as per agreed Party Wall Awards:

  • During Demolition: 2x monthly
  • Post demolition and during grubbing out foundations: 3 times total
  • During substructure: weekly
  • During superstructure until completion: 2x monthly
Indicative image of monitoring equipment
Indicative image of monitoring equipment
Will roads and footpaths be closed?

The current planned hoarding layout for the first phase of the works is below. Further details will be provided in due course.

Where else can people park?

Please see the Alternative Travel arrangements section on the website.

Will the Maypole Pub and Curry King still be open for business?

The works at Park Street do not require any closures of Curry King and Maypole Pub; which will be open for business as

The Marick and Gilbert Ash teams are working very closely with Curry King and the Maypole Pub owners to minimise any
disruption from the works.

Curry King is contactable on:

01223 324351

5 Jordans yard,
Bridge St,
Cambridge CB2 1UG

For bookings and further information for

Maypole Pub go to:

20A Portugal Pl,
Cambridge CB5 8AF