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Public Art

As part of the planning consent, Marick Real Estate has produced a Public Art Delivery Plan for the Park Street redevelopment. The Public Art Delivery Plan is solely for this development and not linked with any of the neighbouring sites, apart from discussions and consultation with adjoining properties and the public as appropriate. The Plan identifies options and proposals, where applicable, for public art within the proposed development and sets out the themes, concept, design intent, specialists, or intended engagement and the process which will be followed to enable the public art components to be delivered as part of the development.

The Public Art Delivery Plan establishes the background of this development, the brief, and the potential approach for the artwork being commissioned and provides examples of integrated artworks within the courtyard and building perimeter, fa├žade, and fabric. The Brief has been designed to encourage a level of creative freedom with the respective artists and designers, within the key delivery parameters, budget, and design intent that were identified at the planning stage. Location and size placeholders have been identified and coordinated as much as possible with the architecture and design as it has developed and as part of the consented planning documents.

The below are the primary objectives for the Public Art to support the original brief and aspirations of this scheme:

  • Provide a connection between Jesus Green, Park Street and Bridge Street with attractive publicly accessible space for pedestrians and cyclists, public art to enhance this experience;
  • Create a sense of intrigue around the perimeter and encourage people to want to investigate and explore further, leading intothe courtyard;
  • Encourage people to re-visit the site and bring friends, colleagues, family to enjoy the space;
  • Enhance the concept of welcoming public through the open courtyard space and helping to enhance the new landscaping, architecture and the new biodiversity measures being created;
  • Additional enhancements to the high quality nature of design of the built environment at Park Street;
  • To be relevant in relation to the Conservation Area but also to provide contemporary interpretation;
  • Artwork to be design for longevity or a replacement strategy for any areas which have more temporary installations;
  • Another means of positive collaboration with local stakeholders in discussing the artwork;
  • Provide artwork to be of benefit to Cambridge City, public, locals and visitors.

Documents and Downloads

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