CGI of the proposed development

Sustainability and Ecology

Sustainability is an integral part of the proposals. We are implementing a number of strategies through the design and construction phases to reduce the impact on the environment.


Sustainability has been a key part of Marick Real Estate’s, the design team’s and Cambridge City Council’s brief since the project outset. The team have also fully considered how further improvements can be made to the scheme in consideration of Cambridge City Council’s declaration of Climate Change Emergency. Marick has commissioned specialist consultants to advise on further improvements that could be made on the sustainability, reduction of C02 and the removal of gas from the scheme.

We are targeting a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, which is a sustainability assessment model. A rating of ‘Excellent’ would place the development within the top 10% of the UK’s non-domestic buildings.


  • The building is 100% electric, with no gas boilers or similar
  • Building heated through air source heat pump
  • Energy efficiency rating 19% above the standards prescribed in building regulations
  • In-built heating and cooling recovery systems and mechanical ventilation which reduces the heating and cooling demands of the building to improve energy efficiency
  • Rainwater harvesting through sustainable drainage and attenuation
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Solar panels on rooftop
  • Windows designed to minimise heat coming directly from the sun to prevent overheating
  • 100% electric vehicle charging point provision in public car park
  • Lifecycle analysis and Carbon Embodiment study has been undertaken to ensure minmised carbon emissions and pollution
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